Just Press Start


I've decided that starting a proper blog makes the most sense for sharing my ventures with those who might be curious. And what better day to start than on my 25th birthday? So I bid thee a welcome to the Legend of Shelda the Era of Freelance and Fun. Since this is my first blog post I should probably tell you a little about myself, right? Right.

I've only just begun my freelance journey and I couldn't be on a better road for it. Memphis is a wonderful place full of wonderful people. The creative community here is ever growing and supportive of each other's goals. Part of my community is rooted in my education at the the Memphis College of Art, the reason I moved to Memphis in the first place. Without it, I would probably be in a dark dungeon. 

Since graduating I've worked mostly in stratagey thinking to growing my understanding of what people are looking for and how they might want it to come to life. (Useful tool no?) As well as the tools to execute and teach them how to further achieve their goals. That path gave me the ability to see ways to not only look outside the box, but also back in. And after looking back into myself I came to the realization that I wanted to develop my career as a graphic designer. That meant it was time to take the step into becoming my own expert.

Stay positive. 

Learn a new skills as often as possible.

Connect with people who want to do awesome things.

Do something inspiring.

Sounds easy enough, huh? Besides refocusing my life I've also made a number of lifestyle changes that are just as important as my career. To have a successful path ahead of you sometimes you gotta take a break and figure out what is important first. The first 3 month of my 2017 were spent redirecting my energy into activities I had been lacking in my life previously. I went on road trips, climbed some trails, and found myself back in the studio before I knew it because ultimately a studio is my happy place.

I can't wait for this to be a space for me to share my positivity, processes, and projects with you. But for today I will check some emails, celebrate my birthday, laugh with amazing people, and probably play with my dog. Till next time ~